Choose the Perfect Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors


When one thinks of blinds, the mind instantly focusses on windows. Well, that is only a part of their usage story! What most of us do not realise is that blinds of different shapes and sizes are used to cover sliding doors as well. Sliding doors at homes and offices across the UK, and indeed around the world, serve several purposes. These kinds of doors function in multiple ways―such as enabling better flow of natural light; moderating temperature; keeping pesky insects out and so on.

Unlike windows that often come in standard, smaller sizes; sliding doors are large. And glass, that forms a substantial portion of sliding doors, is a good conductor of heat. In view of this, it is important to regulate heat loss and gain the benefits of sliding glass doors in an intelligent way. How then can you efficiently cover the entire length and breadth of these doors?

Generally, the most-preferred choice is vertical blinds, and these serve the purpose perfectly well. There are a range of vinyl and fabrics that you could install. Alternately, people also use vertical cellular shades, particularly if the intention is to control room temperature. A more elaborate set of blinds are the panel track blinds that are made up of panels of fabric attached to a track.

Whatever material, texture or style you choose, make sure it helps to make the most of sliding doors, and is easy to maintain.

Day Blinds, a Nottingham-based company, manufactures and supplies a range of high-quality and cost-effective window solutions in the UK.

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