Tips to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds


A few days ago we took a general look at how different kinds of blinds can be cleaned. Today, we’ll specifically dwell on cleaning Wooden Venetian blinds. This category of blinds are very popular because they are easy to use and also sport an elegant look. However, the build of these blinds is a considerable pain point.

Wooden items need special care and attention unlike, say, those made of plastic that do not tend to deteriorate over long periods of time. This is true of Wooden Venetian blinds too. Proper precautions should be taken in their upkeep; and no effort must be spared in protecting these blinds from damage.

Once you discover dust, stains or other kinds of dirt particles in the Wooden Venetian blinds, be sure to employ the right kind of cleaning method. If you come across excessive dust in the blinds, first clean the slats with a feather duster. In case of stubborn stains use a tissue or paper towel to rub the affected area gently. If you do not succeed in removing the stains, select a good wood cleaner and gently dab the contents onto a soft cloth and remove the stain.

While these are some ways by which to ensure sparkling wooden blinds, another method is to don cotton gloves and slowly, but firmly, run your fingers through each slat. This way, you can identify any leftover dirt quickly.

What then can be done about excessively dirty Wooden blinds surfaces? Well, spray some oil soap directly on the affected blinds, and wipe them within minutes. The result will astonish you―clean and shiny slats/blinds.

Whatever you do, remember never to clean your Wooden venetian blinds with very moist cloths or worse, detergents that sometimes carry traces of toxic chemicals.

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