Choose Perfect Blinds for Commercial Spaces


We find blinds of different types in commercial establishments and offices. Apart from providing an aesthetic boost to the ambiance, they are used to reflect the ethos of the company, work culture and in some cases, brand identity too. So selecting the right kind of blinds for office interiors is no mean task!

What then defines the “right choice” when deciding on commercial blinds? Here are a few indicators:

Consistency is Key

Decide if you want to introduce blinds to single or multiple rooms. Ascertain beforehand if you wish to have a consistent look and feel in all the commercial spaces that will occupy a particular floor that hosts several offices.

What’s the Objective?

Ensure why you want blinds – if it is to increase the appeal the interiors possess; or if there is a specific reason, such as privacy between businesses in the location and even within an office. You may even consider the most important fact of them all – the work environment.

Functionality First

Be they roller blinds, Venetian blinds or vertical blinds – each type has its unique importance and advantages. Functionality is the prime requirement though. So, depending on the size and other specifications of the doors and windows, select what works best for you with help from our experts. If you desire to fill or reduce office spaces with natural light, Venetian and vertical blinds are a good option. Privacy can also be achieved with these kinds of blinds. However, if you plan to add a bit of style into the mix, roller blinds, that are easy to handle, are the best bet. They not only help regulate the amount of light that filters in; but with a solar screen these blinds can give employees a great view of the exteriors, while controlling the temperature. Lounge areas in offices can particularly benefit from roller blinds (see image).

Focus on Colours

This is very important. Our experts will take you through the best choices of blinds for a commercial establishment; but it would also help if you have an idea of the colours and textures you would most prefer. This will depend on the kind of business and the company values you intend to convey. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule that only a particular colour will work well all the time. Don’t be afraid to experiment; but at the same time, choose wisely.

Perfect Match

Remember that blinds can add extensively to the overall appearance of commercial spaces. But they cannot function independently, because blinds have to match the décor in many ways. Sofas, chairs, tables, wall colour and the like should be complemented by the choice of blinds.


Day Blinds, a Nottingham-based company, manufactures and supplies a range of high-quality and cost-effective window solutions in the UK.

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